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Journal Articles

8. P Jayakumar, ART Figueiredo, R Kümmerli (2022) Evolution of Quorum Sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Can Occur via Loss of Function and Regulon Modulation mSystems

7. ART Figueiredo*, Ö Özkaya*, R Kümmerli, J Kramer (2022) Siderophores drive invasion dynamics in bacterial communities through their dual role as public good versus public bad Ecology Letters

6. ART Figueiredo, A Wagner, R Kümmerli (2021) Ecology drives the evolution of diverse social strategies in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Molecular Ecology

5. ART Figueiredo, R Kümmerli (2020) Microbial Mutualism: Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me? Current Biology

4. ART Figueiredo, J Kramer (2020) Cooperation and Conflict Within the Microbiota and Their Effects On Animal Hosts Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

3. LR Rodrigues, ART Figueiredo, T Van Leeuwen, I Olivieri, S Magalhães (2020) Costs and benefits of multiple mating in a species with first-male sperm precedence Journal of Animal Ecology

2. F Zélé*, G Santos-Matos*, ART Figueiredo, C Eira, C Pinto, TG Laurentino, É Sucena, S Magalhães (2019) Spider mites escape bacterial infection by avoiding contaminated food Oecologia

1. LR Rodrigues, ART Figueiredo, SAM Varela, I Olivieri, S Magalhães (2017) Male spider mites use chemical cues, but not the female mating interval, to choose between mates Experimental and Applied Acarology

(*equal contribution)